Inspiring Science Workshops for Primary Schools



There are many spectacles in Scotland. The Falkirk Wheel is an engineering marvel – designed as a rotating boat lift that connects the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde. Another impressive sight is the hydroelectric Cruachan Power Station. The visitors centre allows people to learn about how electricity can be generated using the power of water. A tour goes into the deep depths of the mountain to reveal the hidden power station in action. 

Over the last 200 years incredible Scottish scientists and inventors have changed the world, including: Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the first practical telephone; George Forbes, an electrical engineer who travelled the globe advising on hydroelectric schemes and electrically powered transport systems; Robert Angus Smith who’s research yielded the discovery of acid rain; and Sir Alexander Fleming, a microbiologist best known for discovering penicillin.

Scotland is historically an important centre of scientific development and this is reflected in the incredible array of museums spread across the country. A few of our favourite museums for kids to learn about science are Glasgow Science Centre, and in Edinburgh, the Physicians’ Gallery, Surgeons’ Hall Museums and the Old Medical School in the University of Edinburgh. 

Our Professor Bubbleworks team wants to inspire the next generation of Scottish inventors and scientists! We offer engaging science workshops all over Scotland. Our fully trained team are experts in delivering exciting activities to young people between the ages of 4-11. Whether your young professors are based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, East Kilbride or Paisley – we can cover anywhere in the county.

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