Inspiring Science Workshops for Primary Schools

Professor Bubbleworks

For over ten years, our dedicated team has visited over a thousand schools around the UK. Through the work of specialist content creators and subject presenters, we deliver science shows and workshops that inspire young people so they can better navigate the world of tomorrow.

Our School Visits

Our visits consist of shows and workshops that deliver on quality and value to ensure a fantastic experience for your school or organisation. We incorporate themes in line with the curriculum, British Science Association’s focuses and we often get booked to coincide with specific awareness events such as; British Science Week, National Coding Week or World Space Week.

Trusted by many schools over the years, we take care of everything to ensure all children take part and our visits are hassle free.

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2023 'Connections' Theme

Every year, the British Science Association sets a theme for British Science Week. For 2023, the theme is ‘Connections’. Our team has created exclusive and brand-new shows, assemblies and workshops, designed with your students in mind.


Professor Bubbleworks is part of the Teamii group. Other brands within the group include: Cool Coders, Mindful Minis, Heroes of History, First Aid Friends, Brain Busters, STEM Superstars, Balance Buddies and Fit4Kids. Please visit the individual sites to find out about our other initiatives.

Our Team

The Professor Bubbleworks team is made up of passionate professors with backgrounds in teaching science. All members of the team are very enthusiastic and love to deliver action-packed workshops and shows that wow the kids!


Brand Lead for Professor Bubbleworks


Professor of Explosions and Things That Go Bang-Pop


Professor of Impossible Equations


Professor of Fire Tornados


Professor of Explosive Energy

Where we go

The Professor Bubbleworks team is available for workshops and show bookings anywhere in the UK, depending on availability. A full list of regions we cover can be found on our locations page. Please get in contact with us directly via the form for more information.

Our Reviews

The best people to answer “Why use Professor Bubbleworks?” are those that have already experienced our workshops, shows and interacted with our team directly. We invite you to peruse some of the reviews we have received below and hope they will entice you to get in contact with us for more information.

Nottinghamshire Lawrence View Primary and Nursery School

“The booking was easy from start to finish. The children were in awe of Professor Bubbleworks and the investigations he provided. What really set the day off was the amazing assembly! It definitely caused a buzz! Fabulous! Would highly recommend!”

Surrey Cuddington Community Primary School

“All of the pupils were terrifically excited and enthusiastic about the assembly and workshops. Many positive comments and feedback from different year group teachers.”

Leicestershire Heather Primary School

“The children were very engaged and excited by all of the activities. There were plenty of 'wow' moments!”

Nottinghamshire St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

“The workshops and assembly were excellent, the children really enjoyed the investigations and Colin was fantastic with the pupils. All workshops were educational and relevant as well as fun.”

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