Inspiring Science Workshops for Primary Schools


Many events across the STEM calendar encompass an element of science. Through the category of science you can search key dates that cover more specifically biology, chemistry, physics or a combination of all three.

Climate change

Climate change seeps into many other topics listed, especially science, conservation and environment. We have highlighted some key awareness dates where kids can learn about this important topic and how it may affect their future.


Similarly to climate change and environment, under the category of conservation, we have highlighted awareness events that specifically care for the conservation of wildlife and their specific habitats.


Every STEM subject is important in the study of space. We have selected some key exciting space related key dates that will give kids the perfect opportunity to learn more about the stars, planets, moons, solar systems, comets and the different ways in which humans are exploring the cosmos.


We have put together key awareness dates that specifically highlight technology. These events seek to support and inform kids about technology they use in their everyday lives, and potentially what may influence their future.


Transportation, infrastructure and exploration, this category highlights how essential engineering is to our everyday lives and how important clever engineering will be to tackling our current and future world’s problems.


All over the world environments are rapidly changing due to climate change, development, agriculture and changing cultures, this category highlights awareness events that specifically look at how and why environments are changing and what can be done to safeguard them.   


The awareness days highlighted in this category reflect upon maths as a vital skill required in everyone’s lives in order to understand quantity, structure, space and change​​.

What best describes you?