Inspiring Science Workshops for Primary Schools

Key dates in the STEM calendar

The Professor Bubbleworks team is often booked to coincide with specific international and national awareness events such as; British Science Week, Biology Week, World Space Week or Tomorrow’s Engineers Week. For inspiration we have compiled a list of key dates that will present the perfect opportunity to invite us for a visit and for your kids to experience our shows and workshops.

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For some key dates in the calendar our team gets booked up far in advance. Here we have highlighted a few dates that we are now booking up.

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Many events across the STEM calendar encompass an element of science. Through the category of science you can search key dates that cover more specifically biology, chemistry, physics or a combination of all three.


We have put together key awareness dates that specifically highlight technology. These events seek to support and inform kids about technology they use in their everyday lives, and potentially what may influence their future.


The awareness days highlighted in this category reflect upon maths as a vital skill required in everyone’s lives in order to understand quantity, structure, space and change​​.

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