Inspiring Science Workshops for Primary Schools

World Creativity and Innovation Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day reminds and encourages people to use their creativity to make the world a better place. It is a day that gives people a reason and opportunity to use their imagination productively, to explore new ways of thinking, to realise new methods of doing things and to celebrate that.

How can we make the world, our communities, our school and our classroom a better place? Sometimes people don’t take a pause in their everyday lives to ponder this. The Professor Bubbleworks team knows that taking a pause to think creatively and to look at problems through another perspective, is an essential element in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Through entertaining activities our team will encourage kids aged 4-11 to get excited about problem solving, to be bold and experimental – and learn how to productively make their ideas heard in a group setting.

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Apr 21 2024

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